Huntington Beach Passes Anti Drilling Resolutions

person holding surfboard standing in the ocean during sunset

The City of Huntington Beach has passed a resolution calling for limits on off shore drilling as the city recovers from the recent oil spill that fouled the cities famous beaches. The resolution by the city also advocates for a permanent ban on new offshore oil or gas exploration off the cities coast.

The move makes Huntington Beach joining Orange County cities Costa Mesa and Dana Point who have also passed such resolutions. The city of Laguna Beach recently also passed a resolution although that asks for an outright ban on all current drilling activity offshore.

The issue of oil drilling off the coast is a tough issue as using domestic oil sources instead of importing oil is better for the United States. On the flip side there is always the risk of a leak or spill which can cause extensive damage especially off shore drilling to the nearby beaches as we have recently seen. The recent city resolution doesn’t mean anything will change right away as its just a resolution that shows the cities view on off shore drilling.

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